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Thy Trail Marathon 2012

Thy Trail Marathon, which I mentioned in my previous post, is the tough but beautiful race that I attended on Sunday, February 26. It offered beach, sand dunes and ice-cold ponds. The half marathon distance worked nicely as a step in my training program for Copenhagen Marathon on May 20. Photo and video professional Jeppe Svendsen has made a very beautiful and mood setting video of the race, which was shown on the local TV station TV-Midtvest:

The first

Welcome to my place on teh intarwebs!Martin Toft

For long I have had an old-fashioned, rather outdated homepage on my egocentric named domain, This is my attempt to kill off that page and take a permanent step into the fancy world of blogs. In order to try out WordPress and focus on content, I start out by letting the fine people behind host my blog. The phrase “thank you” seems poor compared to all the free stuff they give away. Since I am a geek, the blog will of course – invisible to the non-geeky readers – be moved to one of my personally administrated servers at a later time 🙂 It is said that the best homepages on the Internet keep their addresses intact forever, a saying with which I will attempt comply. For example, I host the somewhat popular Nagios plugin check_apcupsd and a (though outdated) Linux port of the window manager cwm, and it’s a shame if their users (you?) aren’t able to locate them anymore.

The choice of English – or at least my utterly mistreated version of it – as language for the blog is due to my educational/work-related background, my foreign acquaintances and the hope for a wider audience. I am a master of science in computer science and mathematics from Aalborg University, and I work as a senior consultant/systems administrator at Netic A/S. During my education, most of my writings and many of my presentations were in English, which made me fluent in the language. Also, I prefer English over Danish when writing about IT related subjects. Finally, over the past five to ten years I have made a number of foreign acquaintances, who I would like to give the opportunity to read my blog, even though I realize that the choice of English will also scare away some Danes.

I plan on blogging about my wide range of interests: system administration, programming, running, weight training, mountainbiking, cooking, hunting, metal music, selected TV series, detective books, cult films, and women. For example, I was out running a half marathon in difficult terrain yesterday – 21,7 km of beach, sand dunes and ice-cold ponds 🙂 With an end time of 1:59:29, I reached the goal exactly within two hours and became number 57 out of 179 runners on that distance. In my opinion an “okay” result, as I had a cold in the week leading up to the race and as it was a “trail race”, not a typical asphalt-and-some-hills race. I continuously had to blow my nose during the race, which led to the challenge not to hit other runners on the on narrow trails. The race is called Thy Trail Marathon, it was the first time it was held, and I strongly recommend it to boundary pushing fools 🙂 It offers the distances ~11, ~21 and ~42 km. The next major race for me is Copenhagen Marathon on May 20 – my first full marathon!

Once again welcome to my blog!