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Coffee roasting, for once

I was about to run out of bought, roasted beans, so I decided to roast some green beans myself. It’s not a new thing for me, as I’ve done it three or four times before and have approx three kilograms of green beans in stock, but it certainly has been a while since the last time.

150 grams of beans, 230 ºC, approx 13 minutes. Cool them down outside for half an hour. Blow the shells away with a can of compressed air. Let them degas for approx 24 hours.


Oatmeal porridge version 2

My latest recipe for oatmeal porridge – the one that I’m deeming perfect for the time being. It consists of water, rolled oats, linseed and salt.

  1. Start your electric kettle with 0,5 L of spring water (or tap water, if your area has good tap water).
  2. Grind ten grams of linseed in a mortar.
  3. Put 60 grams of rolled oats, the ten grams of freshly ground linseed and a half teaspoon of salt in a soup plate.
  4. Pour approx 375 grams of the boiled water over the other ingredients, put the plate on a trivet and place a flat plate on top of it.
  5. Wait for approx ten minutes.
  6. Remove the flat plate and stir the dish thoroughly with a spoon (pick a teaspoon, as it will prolong the time it will take to eat the dish).
  7. Add 50 grams of cold water and stir some more.
  8. Add 20 grams of rolled oats and stir some more.
  9. The dish is ready!

You don’t have to wait for it to cool down, which is an advantage a busy morning.

              Weight  Energy  Protein  Carbs    Fat   Fiber
               (g)    (kcal)    (g)     (g)     (g)    (g)

Water          425       0.0    0.0      0.0    0.0    0.0
Rolled oats     80     292.8   10.4     54.4    5.2    8.0
Linseed         10      48.4    2.5      3.6    3.1    1.8

Total          515     341.2   12.9     58.0    8.3    9.8
Energy dist.                   14.4%    60.3%  25.3%
Per 100 g               66.3    2.5     11.3    1.6

The dish is low in protein, so remember to add a protein-rich component on the side, e.g. tuna in water, skyr, low-fat cottage cheese or eggs.

My previous version of the dish is from May and it’s available here.

Sometimes I use almonds instead of linseed, but I rarely have almonds in my kitchen, as I cannot keep my hands off them between meals… 🙂

Getting off the couch

“Dear diary,

tonight was awesome. It was one of those nights, where I managed to get off my couch and on my bike to the fitness center, even though I was feeling mentally tired from work and physically tired from eating dinner. Covered by a blanket, watching an episode of my favorite TV series, I honestly considered staying at home. But I made it. And it was nothing less than glorious. As usual, I had a lot more energy than I thought. Actually, it was probably one of those evenings, where I even had a bit more energy than usual. The pull-ups, the squats, the hyperextensions, etc. They just felt good. Thanks goes out to two of my favorite bands for keeping me company (Illdisposed and Slipknot). Weight training, metal music, strained facial expressions and sweat go well together.

So, seriously, remember that you have a lot more energy than you think when you’re feeling heavy on the couch. You have to get up and get moving to unleash it. You will feel awesome afterwards. It will be worth it.”

BakkeChallenge in Silkeborg

Today I’ve attended a 10 km run in Silkeborg called BakkeChallenge together with my friend Hans Klemmensen. The run is two times 5 km on forest roads and trails, and it contains some very demanding hills.

With the exception that the t-shirt doesn’t have the run’s title printed on it, the goodie bag was quite okay. We were also served refreshing hot soup, bread, etc. after the run.

Apparently, Hans is very fast – he finished third among the men and received a well-deserved round of applause and a gift on the podium after the run!

I did a good job (witnessed by an average heart rate of 171 bpm), but I had to accept the time 54 minutes and 11 seconds. I had to walk at some points… Damn. Click here to see my recorded run. It seems my GPS was a bit off today. As far as I remember, Hans finished in 46 minutes and something.

That was 325 km more in the Aygo. A guesstimate for the trip is 15 km/L petrol, but in the Aygo’s defense, it was certainly allowed to work on the freeway. A brick would have been okay as cruise control…