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Plans for the Christmas holidays

Do you have plans for the Christmas holidays? I do 😉

Unlike last year, where I spent a large part of my Christmas holidays closing loose ends at my previous employer (before leaving), I have true freedom this year. Some of my plans, if you disregard celebrating Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve:

  • Run, preferably in my new Vivobarefoot Evo II shoes, if I receive them before Christmas (update: I did! Wee!)
  • Hunt, both with rifle and shotgun.
  • Finish reading the book Born to Run and start reading the book Flaskepost fra P.
  • Configure and use my Raspberry Pi, if I receive it before Christmas (update: I didn’t… second update: I’ll get it on December 22! Wee!)
  • Do some light weight training in the fitness center.
  • Change the bulbs in my car’s dash board/heater module, if I don’t get it done before Christmas.
  • Participate in the annual family Christmas party.

Christmas 2012

Silver wedding anniversary and 50th birthday

the-local-paper-on-november-22-2012   the-local-paper-on-december-12-2012

Having parents who can celebrate their silver wedding anniversary and a mother who turns 50 in a few days has kept me quite busy recently 🙂 But busy in a good way 🙂 In the previous weekend my parents hosted a party for family and close friends, where their anniversary and my mother’s birthday were celebrated. It was a great party. I talked to relatives who I hadn’t talked to in a long time, I danced several times, the food was fantastic, the draft Porse Guld beer was fantastic, I held a small speech, the entertainment was awesome, the live band (S.O.S.) was awesome, the triumphal arch was beautiful, etc. Moreover, we managed to get home from the party in the middle of the night in a blizzard. Not the worst blizzard ever, but the worst so far this winter in Denmark.

The two pictures above are from the local newspaper in my parents’ region of Denmark. In the one to the left the newspaper wrongfully wrote November 28 rather than November 27, which I have corrected. Their wedding day is November 27 – the day after my birthday. I was three years and one day when they got married in 1987.

I haven’t gone through the pictures from the party yet, but when I do, I promise to publish some of them here 🙂

Update: And before I knew it, I ended up sorting pictures from the party and ordering prints of them… I will not display all 55 pictures here, so you will have to settle with the eight pictures below 🙂

party_20121208_1   party_20121208_2

party_20121208_3   party_20121208_4

party_20121208_5   party_20121208_6

party_20121208_7   party_20121208_8

My parents’ silver wedding anniversary

I’m sitting here on my lovely couch on the first Sunday of Advent, looking out my living room windows on a frozen Aalborg Øst, listening to Above the Weeping World, thinking about the past week. I turned 28 on Monday, my parents’ silver wedding anniversary was on Tuesday, I was off from work on Monday and Tuesday, I worked Wednesday to Friday, I bought an expensive (but, hopefully, high-quality) anti-rust treatment for my car from Dinitrol Center Aalborg from Wednesday to Thursday, and from the early afternoon Saturday (yesterday) until this morning I participated in the Christmas party for my workplace. I dedicate this post to my parents’ silver wedding anniversary. The above picture shows the flower bouquet to them from my brother Christian and I.


Approx 60 people were gathered at Koralvej 3 on Tuesday morning at 7:30, where my parents were “woken up” by morning song – the well-known wedding anniversary ritual. The neighbours had made a very fine triumphal arch the night before, which was placed in front of my parents’ front door, and they had decorated the driveway with four flagpoles with Dannebrog. Two musicians did a very good job on saxophone and trumpet. Later, when everybody had been seated and had had some breakfast, my parents danced the traditional, Danish wedding dance, while the musicians played and everybody clapped. It was a very fine day, and once again I want to congratulate my parents. Thank you for bringing Christian and I into this world, thank you for raising us, and thank you for the unlimited support you have always given and still give.

The two pictures below are from Wednesday and Thursday. Of course I gave birthday cake at work, even though I had the day off on my birthday. The Dinitrol people put a sticker in my car indicating that it has been given an anti-rust treatment this year. It will probably never make sense economically, but now I don’t have to worry too much about rust.


The Christmas party was awesome. I’m still a bit worn out, so I’ll not write a lot about it 🙂

In the afternoon we visited Action House in Løkken, where the men raced in rather fast go-karts and the women shot each other in laser game. I can report that the go-karts were great fun, and I hear that laser game was as well. I would have linked to their homepage, but it has apparently been overtaken by some Russians… Afterwards some of us went swimming for an hour or so in the indoor pool at Grønhøj Strand Feriecenter, where the party was held. The evening featured good company, good food (and lots of it), many schnappses and a number of funny scenes with drunk Netic employees. By pure chance I managed to control myself, which means that I’m not wildly hungover today. It helps a bit to stop the heavy drinking around midnight.

Now we are in December and too many things need to be sorted out before Christmas 🙂