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Daylight saving time

Here’s a glimpse of my Saturday morning:


Freshly pressed Aeropress coffee made from freshly ground beans, a car magazine, a hunting magazine and a Puppet book.

The coming night, Denmark, together with many other countries, will switch to daylight saving time. This means we will advance our clocks one hour and therefore go from UTC+1 to UTC+2, or, alternatively, from CET to CEST. Less sun in the morning, more sun in the evening. Let’s say you get up at 6 AM on Monday. If the clock hadn’t been advanced, it would only show 5 AM. I’m just thinking out loud here… 🙂

I’m on call for my workplace when the clocks are advanced. That actually worried me a bit, but then I realized that I had mixed up two events – the insertion of a leap second on Saturday, June 30, 2012, and the switch to standard time on Sunday, October 28, 2012. It was the former that caused massive problems. As far as I know we (system administrators) rarely see problems related to the rather regular switches between standard time and summer time. Phew.

Renewed license to kill

In pure James Bond style, I’ve just received my license for the coming hunting season 🙂

I look forward to beautiful, warm summer mornings and evenings from May 16 to July 15, the summer season in Denmark for roebucks. I plan on keeping mosquitos from biting me using a hat with a net and several layers of clothes. Sunset, the smell of spruce trees, coffee, my rifle, silence… Sweet.

Since this is a public blog, let me just point out that I do not store my hunting weapons on my home address.

Totally unrelated: The chat service Microsoft Messenger is closing down, and I’m not switching to Skype for personal use. This means that if you want to chat with me after April 8, you have two options: on Google Talk or toft on IRC (EFnet, freenode and IRCnet). Non-geeky people should probably disregard the IRC option 😉


I don’t have any huge plans for Easter, which might sound a bit boring, but it suits me just fine. I will be working Monday till Wednesday and be on call the following Saturday. Of course I have many “small plans”, which includes buying new clothes, running, weight training, killing the weed in my garden with poison, putting up a closet on the wall in my bathroom, cleaning my bathroom, watching (sadly not participating in) a half-marathon in Aalborg Øst on Sunday, cooking some of the treasures in my freezer, looking at (and possibly buying) a new mattress and quilt, baking bread, roasting coffee beans, programming, and much more.

The picture above shows the goodies I got today at work. Easter brew and chocolate 🙂 Nice!

Update, 2013-03-23 22:03:42:

Smoke detectors and kitchen lighting

I have been looking at real estate for a few weeks, just for fun, but for the time being I have decided that it is much more sensible to move properly into my current home. To be honest, I have been living at Damstræde 108 for approx 13 months without proper lighting in my kitchen. That ended today when I put up two smoke detectors and two lamps. One of my favorite tools is my rotary hammer – it drills through hard concrete like it was butter. You actually have to be careful not to cause too much damage.


Update, 2013-03-16 19:45:00 GMT+1:

I celebrated the new lighting in my kitchen by pot roasting two ducks. As far as I remember, I have shot at least one of them myself. Packed in one bag, they were one of the oldest items in my freezer, so their time had come. They are probably teals – my mother have labelled them wild ducks and they are far too small to be mallards. They were quite delicious 🙂



For some reason, King Winter has returned, even though today is March 16. The snow is beautiful and brings a cozy atmosphere, but I very much look forward to summer weather.

Trip to the UK, being sick, working, etc.

Here is a long-awaited sign of life 🙂

Since my previous post on February 18, I have visited the UK, been down with the flu, been on call at work, eaten delicious turbot at my parents’ house, switched fitness center and attended a men’s lunch with one of my workplace’s customers.

The trip to London was on February 21-24 (a Thursday evening to a Sunday evening) and it was together with my two friends Kenneth Holleufer and Steffen Troldtoft. In huge quantities it involved traditional, English breakfast, hot Indian curry dishes, stand-up comedy, beer, cider, partying, sightseeing, etc. Pictures are available here.

On Thuesday, February 26, I worked from home, as I was down with the flu. I suspect I got infected on my way home from the UK. In my time on the “labor market”, it was my first time calling in sick. I managed to work approx five hours from my couch during the day, so it ended up not being an entire day of downtime. Also, I caught up the hours in the following days. I had a major headache, my intestinal region had a mind of its own, and all my joints and muscles were sore. It lasted until Thursday/Friday. Despite the sickness, I managed to be on call for my workplace, as it was my responsibility that week.

The week ended with a one-day visit to my parents’ house, where we had a delicious dinner with turbot (the picture to the right). I remember it was a beautiful, sunny day, where I went for a walk with my parents’ dogs, washed my car and cut my brother’s hair. My brother wanted to try a buzz cut and I just followed orders with my hair trimmer.

I have switched from Fitness World to a small, local fitness center in Aalborg Øst called Fitness Ø. The switch roughly halves the distance and the price. Fitness Ø’s opening hours are somewhat better than Fitness World’s on Saturdays and Sundays, even though Fitness Ø has some silly, women-only hours on Sundays from 6 AM to 2 PM. Now I just need to get back to stable rhythm, where I go there three to four times a week. The chain kept falling off the gears on my old bike, and in general it was annoying to ride. Two days ago, i.e. on March 7, I took the bus to Harald Nyborg (also known as “Harald Skrald”…) and bought a new, cheap bike. If it works for a year or so, I’m satisfied. It will transport me between home, work, grocery shopping and Fitness Ø.

20130308-steak-tartare-at-mens-lunch-with-customerYesterday, i.e. on Friday, March 8, I enjoyed a men’s dinner with one of my workplace’s customers at restaurant Kohalen in Århus. It involved beer, schnapps, Arnbitter, marinated herring, fried herring, shrimp, eel, egg stand, tenderloin steaks, warm liver pate with bacon and mushrooms, steak tartare, crackers with cheese, and pancakes with ice cream. Very delicious food and very good company. It was the first time I have ever eaten steak tartare. The picture to the right is of a colleague’s plate. My version had a bunch of grated horseradish, and the egg yolk was distributed over the steak. It was fun to try the dish, but I found it a bit boring. It mostly tasted of horseradish and onions. Of course that’s not a bad taste in itself, but I think the steak would have been tastier, if it had been fried and prepared with freshly-ground pepper. We had a beer afterwards at Kurts Mor before driving home to Aalborg in the Netic Touran (I was the designated driver). Compared to my Aygo, it was fun to drive an automatic and in general to drive a car with a bit more power. It is probably best for the integrity of my driver’s license that I do not trade the Aygo for something more powerful yet.