Monthly Archives: April 2013

Building a power cage

This weekend I have built a power cage using wood poles, metal angle brackets, screws and hooks. It is still a work in progress, as the spotter functionality of the cage isn’t quite done yet. In the following picture I’m inaugurating the cage with a light squat set.

The picture is from this one-minute video 🙂

Rather than drilling a tedious number of construction-weakening holes for safety pins, I will use two pieces of strong rope to replace a human spotter. The rope has been bought, but I’m still pondering how to fasten it to the cage in a nice way. After that has been sorted out, the next step is to add a pull-up bar.


The cage is small enough to go through the doorways in my apartment, which means that it can be moved to my bedroom when I have people visiting. I’m still considering whether I should paint it. It will never be a beauty. Neither would a non-DIY metal cage. It is a functional and manly construction.

Do you even lift?

Back from Puppet training in Belgium

A colleague and I attended the three-day course Advanced Puppet Training in Belgium from Tuesday to Thursday, and we are now back in Denmark. Actually, we reached Aalborg around midnight between Thursday and Friday. The course instructor was Ger Apeldoorn, a freelance Puppet consultant from the Netherlands. He had put together a very interesting course and we look forward to applying our new knowledge at Netic. The course was held at Open-Future, a Belgian company specializing in Linux and open source in general.

I highly recommend the course. It was a well-balanced mix of lectures and lab exercises. Puppet now impresses me even more.

On Wednesday we visited a nearby shopping center, where I managed to pick up a few Belgian treats 🙂

We drove the approx 2100 km (roundtrip), but due to a pretty decent car (the Netic VW Touran) and the many long stretches of German highway it wasn’t a problem at all.

The beginning of a home gym

My right arm and shoulder are a bit sore today… Partially from playing badminton against my work colleague Normann yesterday and partially from assembling my home gym and trying it out 😉


Yeah, okay, it is the very beginning of a home gym. And I don’t really have the space for it. The idea is that at some point, in a not too distant future, I will move into a house and dedicate a room to the gym. Until then, it can be put away in the bedroom when I have people visiting.

The simple table bucks are not meant to be a permanent solution, but for the time being they let me get started. They are quite useful for all sorts of tasks. I dream about a power rack/cage, but that might have to wait until the gym may take up more space. It is not practical to move a power rack around too much. The bucks provide sufficient safety when training without a spotter.

I received 187 kg of equipment:


The equipment allows me to perform:

  • {barbell,dumbbell} {ordinary,incline,decline} bench press
  • {barbell,dumbbell} military press
  • {barbell,dumbbell} squat
  • barbell deadlift
  • {ordinary,incline} sit-up
  • {barbell,dumbbell} bent-over row
  • pull-up / chin-up
  • {barbell,dumbbell} curl
  • {ordinary,incline,decline} dumbbell fly
  • {barbell,dumbbell} lunge
  • {barbell,dumbbell} shrug
  • dumbbell {lateral,front} raise
  • triceps dip
  • french press / barbell lying triceps extension
  • barbell pullover
  • barbell {straight leg,bent knee} good-morning

… and without doubt many more.

It didn’t cost me more than a cheap laptop and it will probably outlast me 🙂

Feaster in F-klubben

Friday, April 5, I attended the Feaster event in F-klubben. It was a traditional Easter dinner with marinated herring, warm liver pate, meatballs, assorted salads, cheese, schnapps, beer, etc. Sometimes cause for confusion, in F-klubben, the name of all events must start with F, if in any way possible. Hence, Easter becomes Feaster 😉 F-klubben is a social club at the scientific faculty of Aalborg University, and it covers students and employees at the departments for computer science, math and physics. When I studied at, and later was employed by, Aalborg University, I regularly both (co-)arranged and attended events in the club. I was particularly active in F-kult, which is F-klubben’s cult film club.

As witnessed by F-klubbens sales system (“stregsystemet”), it was my first real visit in almost three years! At least I bought something very sensible on my previous visit… Limfjords-porter, of course. The brew for the elite 🙂

It was nice to say hi to a number of familiar faces, see the computer science building, and hear what is going on in the department. The evening and night also included a visit to the bar at the dormitory I lived at while being a PhD student (Nordjyske Kollegium) and a visit to the home of my old friend, classmate and colleague, Thomas Bøgholm, where we tasted some good whiskys.