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Aalborg Carnival

What are you doing? I’m relaxing on my couch after having been to Biltema, and Bilka. I needed a new wiper blade and some hubcaps for my car. I ended up also buying garden tools, camping equipment and a mosquito net. Now I’m ready for OHM 😉

Yesterday, I attended Aalborg Carnival together with some friends. We started the day with breakfast at my place, then joined the parade on Nyhavnsgade. The parade ended at Kildeparken, where we enjoyed the fine weather with (more) beer. I was dressed as a prisoner, i.e. I wore a prison uniform with black and white stripes. Around midnight I met my brother downtown. He had colored himself with sauce color for the carnival, so he didn’t feel like partying all night long. It had already been a long day, so we took a city bus to Aalborg Øst.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had been looking at a house. 98 m², 1877 m² of land, built in 1967, located midway between Aalborg and Hadsund. I have decided not to make an offer, as it has too many problems. I do not mind repairing stuff, but some of the house’s problems are a bit too “exciting”. My search continues.

Looking at real estate, hunting, changing tyres

For a few months I have been browsing real estate on my laptop. I’m not in a hurry to buy anything, as I’m not particularly tired of my current rental home. It’s close to work, requires very little maintenance on my part, and the rent is relatively low. I think, however, that it would be nice to have my own place, to have more space, to have a covered place for my car nearby, to be closer to nature, to not have the city busses driving outside my bedroom window, to not have five washing machines spinning next door all day long, to have a larger garden, to have a greenhouse, to have a dedicated room for working out, etc.

I am looking in an area in Jutland contained between the cities Dall, Frejlev, Nibe, Aars, Nørager, Arden, Terndrup, Bælum, Kongerslev, Storvorde, Klarup, Gistrup, Dall:

At the moment I’m considering making an offer on a house in the small village Lyngby, marked with a blue dot on the map above. Without going too much into details, I like the location, but due to the condition of the house it would be more like buying a craftsman project than buying a house. The offer price is relatively low, but the refurbishment will be costly and time consuming. A few pictures:



Today I’m visiting the house for a second time, this time bringing my parents.

In a totally different category, I’ve been out hunting two times this weekend. It was together with my dad, and it was on a – for us – new piece of hunting ground, in our new, homemade hochsitzes. I observed fallow deer Saturday morning and roe deer Sunday evening. I haven’t fired a single shot, but my dad shot a roe deer buck, which I gutted. Look at the fine weather on a Saturday morning:

On my way out hunting Sunday evening, I was stopped by the police for the first time in my life. It was by two motorcycle cops on a small road in the country side. They wanted to see my driving license, ask me if I had had any alcohol that day, and in general where I was going and why. “Are you in the military?”, the cop asked, to which I replied “no” rather puzzled. “Aahh, you are going hunting?” he then asked. My hunting clothes are from a military surplus stock… 😉

Finally, I have changed the tyres on my car. Now my car is equipped with brand new Michelin Energy E3B summer tyres. It involved a bit more work than I had imagined, as the rear rims had to be loosened with a hammer due to rust. In addition, it took quite a while to polish off the rust, clean the surfaces with gasoline, apply grease to different parts and to do a bit of maintence on the old, winter tyres. Note to myself: A hammer, coarse sandpaper, a wooden block, a vacuum cleaner, a can of gasoline, a tub of grease and wipes are very useful things when changing tyres! I ordered the combined rims and tyres online (dæ and had them delivered to my workplace. Here’s a few pictures:



while true; do live; done

Yes, I’m still alive, and yes, so is this blog 🙂

In Denmark we’ve just had long weekend – some people might even think of it as a small vacation. Thursday, May 9, was a holiday, and most people, including me, had the day off on Friday. I visited my parents in Thy, where I ate a bunch of great food (e.g. pork roast in different ways, asparagus soup and roe deer goulash), helped my parents change the wall-to-wall carpet in their living room, went for a few walks with my parents’ dogs, ran in the forest (near Tovsig Sø), built, painted and placed hochsitzes for the upcoming bow hunting summer season, celebrated mother’s day (we bought her flowers and I went to the grocery store early for rolls), and visited my grandmother and grandfather in Øsløs. Oh, and I was on call for work the entire week and was woken up by alarms three or four nights… Argh… Well… I’ll survive.

On the following picture my dad and a fellow hunter are painting one of our hochsitzes. I helped paint another one (while also painting several parts of myself…).

The design is actually quite neat. Simple, stable and relatively lightweight. We did a Google Image Search to get inspiration. The green paint really makes them awesome. I look forward to the bow hunting season which starts tomorrow (Thursday, May 16).

I’m not going hunting tomorrow, though. I haven’t taken the day off from work, so I think I’ll be missed if I don’t show up 🙂 Actually, I do have a special arrangement for tomorrow… I’m going to the countryside to look at some real estate. More about that later – it’s time for metal music and heavy weights…

An awesome weekend

This weekend has been rather awesome, even though I’m a bit wasted today. Friday after work I visited FooBar at Department of Computer Science, ate horse at a friend’s place and attended Heavy Hulen 666 at 1000Fryd. Saturday I attended the Spring Party at C. W. Obel Kollegiet, where I was on the Old Boys Team in the volleyball tournament. The weekend has been filled with tasty beer – from Søgaards Bryghus at FooBar, Limfjords-porter at 1000Fryd and from Bøgeskov Bryg at the Spring Party. All of it refreshing, draft beer. The weather has been quite fantastic and still is. The wind did, however, knock over a few plastic cups with beer yesterday. It probably also made us consume some sand from the volleyball playing field.


Note the “sugar free – no carbs” on the bottle of Absinthe 🙂 Totally healthy…