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My new friend

Mads Chr. Olesen, a close friend of mine and one of the co-authors on my master’s thesis back in 2009, has kindly lent me a bike on so-called long-term basis. He uses his electric bike, and this bike has therefore collected dust for a while.

Before cleaning:

20130716-1-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike   20130716-2-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike

20130716-3-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike   20130716-4-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike


20130716-5-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike   20130716-6-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike

20130716-7-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike   20130716-8-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike

The result of two and a half hours of work, three buckets of soapy water, a sponge, two cloths, half a bottle of benzine, a brush, an entire paper towel, some pairs of disposable gloves, a lot of tighening of screws and bolts, some chain oil, some WD40 and some air from a pump.

I took a ride on the bike after the procedure and I’m happy to report that it was all worth it.

House Projects

Besides giving the new owner a huge list of recurrent expenses, buying an old house is also comparable to buying a never-ending project 🙂

The house I’m buying is no different. I have identified a number of upcoming projects, some of which are required and some of which are optional (but highly desired). For me, the projects are not just annoying, inevitable work – I look forward to them. My theory is that you just have to pick the appropriate times of the year for certain tasks. For example, painting outside in winter isn’t fun and will probably yield bad results.

I might translate some of the craftsman terms incorrectly, so I will also write the projects in Danish.

Projects for August, September and October:

  • Indoor housecleaning.
    DK: Hovedrengøring indendøre.
  • Buy a lawn mower, a hedge trimmer, a new refrigerator and other necessities.
    DK: Køb en plæneklipper, en hækkeklipper, et nyt køleskab og andre fornødenheder.
  • Reseal the chimney outside. A new cap might be needed.
    DK: Omfuge skorstenen udenfor. En ny hætte er måske nødvendig.
  • Seal the ends of the house’s wooden beams with metal caps.
    DK: Sætte metalkapper/-kapsler på enden af husets tagremme.
  • Paint windows and doors outside, maybe also the garage’s woodwork.
    DK: Male vinduer og døre udenfor, måske også garagens træværk.
  • Insert new bird-blocker bricks in the roof’s ridge.
    DK: Isætte nye fugleklodser i tagets rygning.
  • Replace the wooden boards on the roof ends.
    DK: Lave nye vindskeder ud af malede, imprægnerede brædder i begge ender af taget/huset.
  • Create a new, strong hatch for the small cellar in the garage.
    DK: Lave en ny, stærk lem til kartoffelkælderen i garagen.

Projects for the winter and the early spring:

  • Paint inside. I do not yet have an overview of this.
    DK: Male indendøre. Jeg har ikke et overblik over opgaven endnu.
  • Put up pictures, shelves, etc. on walls.
    DK: Sæt billeder og hylder op på vægge.
  • Restore/refinish kitchen cabinets.
    DK: Restaurere køkkenskabe/-låger.
  • Put up workbench and shelves in the garage.
    DK: Sæt arbejdsbord og hylder op i garagen.

Projects for the spring:

  • Replace the oil boiler with a wood pellet boiler. I might decide to move the boiler from the house’s utility room to the garage.
    DK: Udskifte oliefyret med et træpillefyr. Jeg vælger måske at flytte fyret fra bryggers til garagen.
  • Replace the water circulation pump with a more energy-efficient model.
    DK: Udskifte cirkulationspumpen med en mere energibesparende model.
  • Have a plumber seal off the oil tank.
    DK: Få en VVS-mand til at sløjfe olietanken.
  • Replace the woodwork on the house’s gables.
    DK: Udskifte træfacaden på husets to gavle.
  • Paint the remaining woodwork outside on the house and garage. This includes fascia boards, eaves and supporting beams on the house. On the garage it is pretty much all the outside woodwork, except the (ordinary) door, but including the garage door.
    DK: Male det resterende træværk udendøre på hus og garage. Dette inkluderer sternbrædder, udhæng og remme på huset. På garagen er der stort set tale om alt det udvendige træværk, eksklusiv døren, men inklusiv garageporten.

I will do my best to avoid too many concurrent projects.

Traffic Accident

Press release from Department for Abuse of Parentheses:

From Saturday till Sunday I visited an old friend (Jacob) in Esbjerg together with two other, old friends (Hans and Lasse). It was a really nice visit with great weather, a refreshing run (I seriously need to train more), a delicious dinner, many interesting conversations (we hadn’t seen each other for quite a while), delicious drinks, cold beers, a nightly visit to a pub in downtown Esbjerg, much needed breakfast (a heartfelt thanks goes out to Lea, Jacob’s girlfriend), etc.

On our way home on Sunday afternoon we were hit from behind by another driver. It damaged Hans’ Toyota Auris quite badly:



I don’t want to get into any details, as the insurance is still being worked out, but I’m very happy to report that no humans were injured.

It was the first traffic accident I have been involved in, and it has made me think just how fast things can turn ugly. We were extremely lucky that we didn’t hit an oncoming vehicle (there wasn’t any) and didn’t drive through a crash barrier (this saved us from continueing down a steep ledge). Imagine having to make that call where you tell your friend’s family that he or she isn’t coming home. Ever.

Please, drive safely.

Almost homeowner and indebted

Looking at the big picture, I’m only waiting for three milestones to be sorted out:

  1. The mortgage bank must inspect and approve the house.
  2. The realtor must get a positive analysis for the water supply.
  3. The municipal authorities must finish their technical house report, thereby making pollution status etc. available.

If all goes as planned, I will get the keys on August 9. Wee! 🙂

From Google Street View: