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Happy New Year!


Not so much to say… I’m alive and well, and I think 2013 has been great. In a few hours, one year ends and another begins, just as we’ve witnessed many times before. Let’s not be too religious about it πŸ™‚

I plan to do a lot of stuff in 2014 – no surprise πŸ™‚ The public part includes celebrating my 30th birthday in some way, maintaining and improving my house and garden, being regularly active with running, badminton, weight training and mountainbiking, and continue working with the great colleagues at my workplace.

I hope all of you had a merry Christmas. I sure did – together with my loving family.

Happy New Year!

Edit on January 2: Here is a picture from the New Year’s Eve in Nors that I attended…


Merry Christmas!

I’m writing these words with metal music playing in the background, my stove burning perfectly a few meters way, a handful of almonds on my coffee table and a glas of red wine within reach. Today I’ve discovered a few new bands that I will be listening to in the near future – Trivium and Aghora. I’ve also managed to get some actual stuff done today, including picking up 200 mΒ² of vapor barrier, buying and wrapping the last Christmas present, buying groceries, washing clothes, splitting logs for the stove and changing some outdoor light bulbs.

Relatively many days have gone by since my previous post. During those days, I’ve eaten delicious, homemade pizza and tasted fine whiskies and rums at a colleague’s home, attended a friend’s 30th birthday party, attended my mother’s birthday get-together and attended a friend’s PhD defense party. At the latter party I met my former PhD supervisors, as they were also my friend’s supervisors. I only worked on my PhD for approx one year, which means that I didn’t complete it. I needed to try the “real world”, and I’ve honestly never regretted my decision. It’s three and a half years ago now. Being at the party and talking to the supervisors of course made me think about life and how you can take many paths. It was really nice to see that one of my friends – one of the co-authors on my master thesis – completed his PhD.

DIY-wise, I’ve realized that adding insulation to my attic requires me to install a vapor barrier and wind boards, which makes the project more expensive, more complicated and more time-consuming. I’m of course going to complete the project anyway. Fortunately, the work can be split into many parts.

20131208-my-attic-in-the-darkΒ Β  20131221-vapor-barrier-for-the-attic

I’m looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

Addition: Actually, another small thing happened today. While I was driving home from Hadsund with vapor barrier and groceries, a roe deer suddenly crossed the road 50 meters in front of my car. I braked hard, felt the heavy vapor barrier take off from the back seat and thought “one or more deers typically follow so do not accelerate too early”, and yes, another one followed two seconds after the first one. My heart rate was a bit elevated πŸ™‚

Metal for life

Metal is not just music – it’s a lifestyle. When different sources proclaim metal fans to be some of the most loyal fans, I don’t doubt them.

I dedicate this post to a few of my favorite songs. Click on the pictures to play the songs on YouTube.

Rammstein – Los (live)


In Flames – Only for the Weak


Kalmah – Like a Slave (with lyrics)


Five Finger Death Punch – Lift Me Up


Ashes of Ares – This is My Hell (official video)


Black Sabbath – God Is Dead? (official video)



Giving My Car Some Attention

I’ve had this day off work, as I wanted to use some of my vacation before 2014. I don’t think it makes sense to carry more than approx two weeks of vacation to the spring, as the spring has many holidays. I had planned to spend most of the day getting insulation for my attic, but since Bauhaus’ van was unavailable, I ended up giving my car some attention instead. I could only fit three packages of insulation in my car, so I will definitely not use it to move the remaining 60 packages…

After a weekend with my workplace’s Christmas party and my mother’s 25th anniversary in the municipal day care, a day off has been nice.

I’ve changed tyres before, but I still think today was my debut as a mechanic:

  • Changed from summer to winter tyres.
  • Filled washer fluid.
  • Changed a “position light” bulb.
  • Changed the motor oil.
  • Changed the oil filter.
  • Changed the air filter.

Parts and fluids for only 555 DKK, excluding freight. I already had the tyres and the washer fluid. I borrowed a proper jack and other accessories from a co-worker. For releasing the old oil filter I used a large pipe wrench from a neighbour.

The car actually worked afterwards πŸ™‚

I have no pictures, party because my phone ran out of juice, and partly because my hands were dirty most of the time. If you are searching for help, hints or walkthroughs, I can recommend Google and YouTube.