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Adding insulation to my attic


I have finally begun the insulation project that I have been talking about for months. In the process I’m removing the old aluminum vapor/heat barrier, installing air sealing (boards directing air flow) and a modern plastic vapor barrier. It’s a huge project. In the end there will be – from the bottom – 5 cm glass wool, a vapor barrier and then 30 cm glass wool.

20140126-insulating-my-attic-01   20140126-insulating-my-attic-02

20140126-insulating-my-attic-03   20140126-insulating-my-attic-04

20140126-insulating-my-attic-05   20140126-insulating-my-attic-06

20140126-insulating-my-attic-07   20140126-insulating-my-attic-08

20140126-insulating-my-attic-09   20140126-insulating-my-attic-10

Winter in North Jutland


It just keeps snowing… Argh. There’s 1-2 cm right after you’ve finished a spot. Let me complain a bit more: I need a bigger shovel, and I need other stuff than just meat in my freezer.

The duck pond in St. Brøndum looks quite beautiful, even though it’s not inhabited by any ducks at the moment:


A quiet weekend


It has been a quiet weekend, more or less. I visited my parents in Thy, where I picked up wind boards produced by my father. There are many boards and they probably weigh more than 100 kg in total, which meant I had to drive very conservatively on my way back. If you’re in doubt, they are for my ceiling insulation project, where I need to direct the wind over the layers of insulation. It was super awesome that I could “order” the boards from him, and I’m starting to understand – with additional inspiration from Bonderøven – that the process of building or fixing something is as important as the end result. It’s important to involve family and friends. I also managed to sit with my rifle in a hochsitz for a few hours in the rain (without seeing anything) and to buy some art for my many walls at a charity store. When I wanted to go to bed at my parents’ house, one of their dogs – Birko – had stolen the bed while I brushed my teeth 🙂


Actually, I had planned to start working in the attic today, Sunday, as I finally have everything I need for the first eighth of the project. It didn’t happen, though, as I had a pile of clothes that needed to be washed, the weather was suddenly suitable for a run, my conscience begged for a run, logs needed to be splitted and brought to the stove, my kitchen needed to be cleaned, a better (sturdier) toilet seat purchased the other day begged to be installed, etc. In addition, I decided to relax in an armchair this evening with a foot bath, a quietly burning stove and The Expendables 2.

As always, I’ve been digging around the net for metal stuff, and I’ve found something that means a lot to me. Back in 2003 when I started at Aalborg University, a friend introduced me to metal music. There were also other friends pointing me in the metal direction, but one friend stands out. None mentioned, none forgotten. I humbly say thank you. It was through Nightwish and Within Temptation, I learned to appreciate metal. When viewing and listening to this pot of gold – Within Temptation playing for two hours with the Metropole Orchestra in the Netherlands in 2008 – I seriously don’t understand why many people like the boring music that gets played on the mainstream radio stations. Being on the subject, let me wholeheartedly recommend the documentary Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey.

Hot shortcuts to the aforementioned pot of gold:

Within Temptation will release their new album Hydra on January 31, where we will see guest performers Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish, see this Hydra-video) and Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage, see this Hydra-video), among others.

That’s all I wanted to share for now 😉

Time for a new exhaust

20140102-time-for-a-new-exhaust-1   20140102-time-for-a-new-exhaust-2

On my Aygo, a metal connector has separated from the exhaust due to rust. This caused the exhaust to hang too low, which then again made it touch the rear axle when the rear springs were compressed. The picture to the left shows the exhaust hanging too low, and the picture to the right shows my temporary solution.

Since I don’t know whether this has resulted in further damages to the exhaust, and since the exhaust in general is very rusty, my plan is to get a mechanic to install a new exhaust. This ought to make the car more or less ready for the upcoming inspection.