Monthly Archives: May 2014

Life is good


I have never been this busy in my life before, but life is definitely good, and I still manage to improve my ability to cherish the moment. I am not used to prioritizing the offers I get and the chores I have – and in general saying no to requests – but I am dealing with it. Indeed, I have acknowledged that I have only one life and that I must prioritize my own happyness.

Life is not only good, it is great. It is great because I have an amazing girlfriend, I have a loving family, I have great friends, I have great co-workers, I have a great job, I am in good shape, and much more.

See you around. Enjoy the summer.

Taking a dip in Limfjorden

Video file in case the player does not work: Martin Toft in Limfjorden

I was nominated by a former HTX classmate, Morten Christiansen, in a facebook challenge. I had to jump into the sea, a lake or a fjord within 48 hours — otherwise I owed him a bottle of red wine. I jumped into Limfjorden and nominated Bjarne Kondrup and Troels Frøkjær Christensen, a former Telenor colleague and a former HTX classmate, respectively. The challenge was thereby passed on.