One of those weeks

I’m slacking on my couch thinking back on the past week… I have been quite busy, at least work-wise. For some reason, however, my list of assigned tasks/changes/service requests/etc. has grown from 18 to 34. *sigh* 🙂

I’m not really accustomed to saying no or saying “Listen, that sounds mighty exciting, and I would love to set that up, but I’m swamped as it is.” or “What’s the priority? Is it allowed preempt task X and Y, because it sort of has to, if you want it done.”. In my experience, most people want to please others, and I’m no different. Saying no hurts. You also feel a bit inadequate. People are poking at your limits.

Maybe the title of this post is misleading. “One of those weeks” sounds like a recurring event, and this week has actually been somewhat special. My musings above should indicate that. The only recurring thing, which probably everybody can relate to, is that I’m a little worn out and need the weekend 🙂

Being busy isn’t all bad. It indicates that I have something to do, which isn’t a given in any industry these days. Also, during the week I got the chance to play with FreeBSD and CARP for a customer. Lovely software. Easy to set up and it just works. No matter what you think about virtualization in the server room, it’s an awesome invention for testing stuff. In this case I installed VirtualBox and created three guests with FreeBSD 9.1. Using the camera in my phone, I created the following two videos:

Simple test of FreeBSD 9.1 and CARP – part 1 of 2

Simple test of FreeBSD 9.1 and CARP – part 2 of 2

Have a nice weekend wherever you are! I will be cleaning my apartment, washing clothes, getting a visit from my parents (and maybe my brother) and looking at a house. The house is located in the small village Store Brøndum (a funny name for a rather small village…), which is in the countryside. It’s approximately midway between Aalborg and Hadsund. I don’t want to unveil more at this point.

Party on if you’re at Copenhell \m/