Hungover – for once

For the first time in more than a year I visited the bar in my old dorm last night and this morning. It’s still an awesome bar – with awesome bartenders, visitors, beer selection and music 🙂

I haven’t really had a hangover for a long time. This is of course due to my newfound, unhealthy level of healthy living 😛 Today, however, I have a hangover and it started out pretty heavy this “morning” at around 10 AM when I woke on the couch in my living room… Apparently, I decided to leave the bag of chips – which I desperately bought on my way home – somewhere in my old dorm and instead eat oatmeal and yogurt as a night snack. Now I’m even sort of healthy when I’m drunk… Damn. Or should I be happy about this? After all, it has taken a long time to change my habits to this degree. I am actually able to say no to chips, consistently.

While I have been writing this post, coffee has been brewing and the hangover has started to fade away. The sun warms my shoulders and relatively loud metal music fills my apartment. I’m listening to some bands that are still new on my radar – As I Lay Dying, Bullet for My Valentine, Dagoba, DevilDriver, Hatebreed, In This Moment, SOiL and Sub Dub Micromachine. It’s going to be a nice day.