Traffic Accident

Press release from Department for Abuse of Parentheses:

From Saturday till Sunday I visited an old friend (Jacob) in Esbjerg together with two other, old friends (Hans and Lasse). It was a really nice visit with great weather, a refreshing run (I seriously need to train more), a delicious dinner, many interesting conversations (we hadn’t seen each other for quite a while), delicious drinks, cold beers, a nightly visit to a pub in downtown Esbjerg, much needed breakfast (a heartfelt thanks goes out to Lea, Jacob’s girlfriend), etc.

On our way home on Sunday afternoon we were hit from behind by another driver. It damaged Hans’ Toyota Auris quite badly:



I don’t want to get into any details, as the insurance is still being worked out, but I’m very happy to report that no humans were injured.

It was the first traffic accident I have been involved in, and it has made me think just how fast things can turn ugly. We were extremely lucky that we didn’t hit an oncoming vehicle (there wasn’t any) and didn’t drive through a crash barrier (this saved us from continueing down a steep ledge). Imagine having to make that call where you tell your friend’s family that he or she isn’t coming home. Ever.

Please, drive safely.