My new friend

Mads Chr. Olesen, a close friend of mine and one of the co-authors on my master’s thesis back in 2009, has kindly lent me a bike on so-called long-term basis. He uses his electric bike, and this bike has therefore collected dust for a while.

Before cleaning:

20130716-1-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike   20130716-2-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike

20130716-3-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike   20130716-4-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike


20130716-5-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike   20130716-6-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike

20130716-7-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike   20130716-8-cleaning-mads-hardi-bike

The result of two and a half hours of work, three buckets of soapy water, a sponge, two cloths, half a bottle of benzine, a brush, an entire paper towel, some pairs of disposable gloves, a lot of tighening of screws and bolts, some chain oil, some WD40 and some air from a pump.

I took a ride on the bike after the procedure and I’m happy to report that it was all worth it.