Apartment Inspection

During the past two weeks I have spent something along the lines of 20 hours making my old apartment ready for inspection by the landlord. My weapons were cleaning agents, a mop, cleaning cloths, scouring pads, assorted solvents, spackling paste and an eraser. I didn’t have to paint the place. Today my hard work was rewarded โ€“ the landlord deemed the apartment okay with no annotations. This means that I will get most of my deposit back, which of course is great. My almost empty oil tank looks forward to a supply, and such a supply is relatively expensive ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alongside all my important projects, I have a small project on stands for my Dali Lektor 3 compact speakers. It is an Ikea DIY hack, where I have combined wooden cutting boards, metal table legs, ordinary wooden boards, glue and black stain. The wires haven’t been hidden inside the legs yet, but judge for yourself:


The boards have been stained three times, giving them a thick, covering layer. I’m quite satisfied with the appearance of the stands, but I can’t help fear the day when pets or children get near them. That will be a problem for future Martin.

Tonight I’m kind of high on the good feeling that results from working in one’s garden. I’ve mowed my lawn and filled a bucket with weeds. Hah! That’s two borderline expressions in one section โ€“ getting high on weed(s)… I’m trying to make it a habit to fill a bucket with weeds when I have the time. One bucket at a time I will conquer! Take a look at my freshly mowed lawn from my kitchen: