Connecting my stove, part 1 of 3

Today I’ve begun connecting my stove in the corner of my living room. The first and most difficult step is to create a Ø160 mm hole in my wall and chimney and fasten a metal sleeve in the hole using fireplace mortar. With blood, sweat, swearing, sparks, advice from my dad and a heavy hammer from a friend I completed that step today. It’s one of those jobs I don’t want to do for a living and will only ever do for my own benefit. At least that’s how I feel at the moment.

I imagine part 2 being about the smoke pipes and part 3 being about lighting the stove for the first time.

Since I’m all out of energy, you’ll have to settle with the following twelve pictures. Click to enlarge.

20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-01   20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-02   20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-03

20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-04   20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-05   20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-06

20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-07   20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-08   20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-09

20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-10   20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-11   20131103-connecting-my-stove-part-1-pic-12