Connecting my stove, part 2 of 4

Hmm, four parts, not three? One of my coworkers pointed out that the series needed a part 4, where the stove is inaugurated with a housewarming… 🙂

Today I’ve adapted the smoke pipes using a grinder and finalized the setup. I ended up only having to cut 52 mm off one of the pipes, as the pipe going into the sleeve in the wall could just be pushed further in. The connection of the pipes to the stove and the sleeve is sealed with fiberglass cord. It was quite difficult to force the itchy cord in between the piping, but I succeeded after many attempts.

I’m convinced that the setup is tight, but to be safe I’ve ordered a carbon monoxide alarm. It seems that the oil burner blows gasses into the chimney at a rather high rate, which might disturb the stove. Time will tell if this becomes a problem.

Hopefully, the chimney cleaner approves the setup on Thursday. (Update: He did! Yay!)

Enjoy the pictures 🙂

20131105-connecting-my-stove-part-2-pic-01   20131105-connecting-my-stove-part-2-pic-02   20131105-connecting-my-stove-part-2-pic-03

20131105-connecting-my-stove-part-2-pic-04   20131105-connecting-my-stove-part-2-pic-05   20131105-connecting-my-stove-part-2-pic-06

If you consider jumping into a project like this, you’ll need some tools 😉