Cheap, custom-size table

Okay, you’ve invited some friends or family members for an event, but you realize that you need a bigger table in your living room for them to have a place to sit and eat. Also, you want to avoid using the table in your kitchen, as it will be a self-service table with food and drinks. No way around it – you need to buy, borrow or build a table that can extend the table in the living room. Preferably, the extra table will have the same or almost the same width and height as the table it’s extending.

Since I’ll probably need the extra table a few times each year, I discarded the borrow option. Additionally, I can use the table for other purposes when it’s not being used for an event. That leaves buying or building. All the cheap tables and table tops for sale that I can find in nearby warehouses are too narrow. Okay… To the table building machine!

Using wooden shelves and metal legs from Ikea, planed lathing boards from Bauhaus and assorted screws I had laying around, I’ve built the following 138 x 84 cm table for approx 260 DKK. It does the trick when covered by a tablecloth.

20131113-building-an-extra-table-1   20131113-building-an-extra-table-2   20131115-building-an-extra-table