Adding insulation to my attic


I have finally begun the insulation project that I have been talking about for months. In the process I’m removing the old aluminum vapor/heat barrier, installing air sealing (boards directing air flow) and a modern plastic vapor barrier. It’s a huge project. In the end there will be – from the bottom – 5 cm glass wool, a vapor barrier and then 30 cm glass wool.

20140126-insulating-my-attic-01   20140126-insulating-my-attic-02

20140126-insulating-my-attic-03   20140126-insulating-my-attic-04

20140126-insulating-my-attic-05   20140126-insulating-my-attic-06

20140126-insulating-my-attic-07   20140126-insulating-my-attic-08

20140126-insulating-my-attic-09   20140126-insulating-my-attic-10