That’s good coffee

I have had my Bodum Bistro grinder and Aeropress for a few weeks now, and the cups of coffee produced by them still amaze me. Compared to my earlier brewing, it is probably these two facts that make the biggest difference:

  • I store the coffee as whole, roasted beans and grind them just before brewing.
  • I use more coffee per cup – it’s a bit more expensive but definitely worth it.

So how does this weird Aeropress thing work? 🙂

My recipe for a good cup of coffee:

1. Put 500-600 mL of water into an electric kettle and turn it on.
2. Put two scoops of whole-bean, roasted coffee into your grinder and grind them on (almost) the espresso setting.

3. Insert the piston in the tube, turn it upside down and use the funnel to pour the coffee into the Aeropress.

4. When the water boils, pour 100-200 mL of it into a cup in order to pre-heat it.
5. Wait for one minute such that the temperature of the water in the kettle drops slightly.
6. While waiting, put a filter into the cap and wet it such that it sticks.
7. Fill the Aeropress 80-90 % with water and stir 20 times (for approx ten seconds). Top it off with more water.
8. Put on the cap and wait for 1-2 minutes. You can use the time to rinse the funnel and the grinder’s container.
9. Pour out the pre-heating water such you have an empty, warm cup.
10. Turn the Aeropress around and place it on the cup.

11. Slowly push the piston down – make it take 30-40 seconds.

That’s good coffee 🙂

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