Permanent job

Today my three-month trail period at my new workplace ended, which means that I now have a so-called permanent job. Digging into the details, it only means that I must be notified three months before I get fired. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that 🙂

The milestone was celebrated with healthy-named cakes from a nearby bakery – apple pie with cream and banana roll. Only healthy-named, not actually healthy… Of course, you get a favorable energy to money ratio.

I am very happy to be a part of Netic – smart, geeky and inspiring colleagues, interesting and challenging tasks, almost no confinement to a specific area of system administration, freedom with responsibility, cutting edge technology, things happen fast, responsive and technically skilled leadership. Looking at it in the other direction, I think my skills – and probably my personality too – are a good match for what is required. It is a relatively small company with relatively large projects. There are no competing departments – everyone chimes in with good advice in order to achieve the best solutions. You feel you’re a part of something good.