My first car

Surprise, surprise! After having talked about cars and insurance for a while, I have bought a car! Tried and paid yesterday, delivered today. I have mostly kept the news to myself and a handful of people on IRC – until now 🙂

It’s a Toyota Aygo and it’s my first car.

The facts: 1.0 L, 3 cylinders, 68 bhp, petrol, 21.7 km/L*, 51 mpg*, 2008, 69,000 km, passed MOT in April, metallic ranch grey, 560 DKK/year in environment tax.

Update: Okay, so I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to use the car for. Before I list the applications, I must state that I fully admit that a car is a luxury thing for me. I’m almost 28, and I’ve coped without a car before today, and I’m still able to cope without one. The applications do, however, remind me that a car is a freakin’ nice invention 🙂

  • Visiting my parents in Thy (the x-bus, i.e. the direct bus line, no longer stops in their town)
  • Going hunting (the buses are still in their garage that early, they do not drive to my particular hunting spots, and, generally, I do not want to bring weapons and game in the bus…)
  • Driving to work-related meetings out of town, e.g. in Århus
  • Visiting friends who live out in the country (or just not in Aalborg)
  • Going shopping and buying things that are difficult or impossible to carry on a bike (even though I have carried the most crazy things on my bike…)
  • Driving to the countryside for running or mountain biking (I need to figure out how to bring my mountain bike)
  • Driving to the fitness center when it’s raining (I see the irony, but it’s better to drive there in a car and do weight training than to stay at home)

*) Very theoretical!