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Taking a dip in Limfjorden

Video file in case the player does not work: Martin Toft in Limfjorden

I was nominated by a former HTX classmate, Morten Christiansen, in a facebook challenge. I had to jump into the sea, a lake or a fjord within 48 hours — otherwise I owed him a bottle of red wine. I jumped into Limfjorden and nominated Bjarne Kondrup and Troels Frøkjær Christensen, a former Telenor colleague and a former HTX classmate, respectively. The challenge was thereby passed on.

Happy New Year!


Not so much to say… I’m alive and well, and I think 2013 has been great. In a few hours, one year ends and another begins, just as we’ve witnessed many times before. Let’s not be too religious about it 🙂

I plan to do a lot of stuff in 2014 – no surprise 🙂 The public part includes celebrating my 30th birthday in some way, maintaining and improving my house and garden, being regularly active with running, badminton, weight training and mountainbiking, and continue working with the great colleagues at my workplace.

I hope all of you had a merry Christmas. I sure did – together with my loving family.

Happy New Year!

Edit on January 2: Here is a picture from the New Year’s Eve in Nors that I attended…


Merry Christmas!

I’m writing these words with metal music playing in the background, my stove burning perfectly a few meters way, a handful of almonds on my coffee table and a glas of red wine within reach. Today I’ve discovered a few new bands that I will be listening to in the near future – Trivium and Aghora. I’ve also managed to get some actual stuff done today, including picking up 200 m² of vapor barrier, buying and wrapping the last Christmas present, buying groceries, washing clothes, splitting logs for the stove and changing some outdoor light bulbs.

Relatively many days have gone by since my previous post. During those days, I’ve eaten delicious, homemade pizza and tasted fine whiskies and rums at a colleague’s home, attended a friend’s 30th birthday party, attended my mother’s birthday get-together and attended a friend’s PhD defense party. At the latter party I met my former PhD supervisors, as they were also my friend’s supervisors. I only worked on my PhD for approx one year, which means that I didn’t complete it. I needed to try the “real world”, and I’ve honestly never regretted my decision. It’s three and a half years ago now. Being at the party and talking to the supervisors of course made me think about life and how you can take many paths. It was really nice to see that one of my friends – one of the co-authors on my master thesis – completed his PhD.

DIY-wise, I’ve realized that adding insulation to my attic requires me to install a vapor barrier and wind boards, which makes the project more expensive, more complicated and more time-consuming. I’m of course going to complete the project anyway. Fortunately, the work can be split into many parts.

20131208-my-attic-in-the-dark   20131221-vapor-barrier-for-the-attic

I’m looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas 🙂

Addition: Actually, another small thing happened today. While I was driving home from Hadsund with vapor barrier and groceries, a roe deer suddenly crossed the road 50 meters in front of my car. I braked hard, felt the heavy vapor barrier take off from the back seat and thought “one or more deers typically follow so do not accelerate too early”, and yes, another one followed two seconds after the first one. My heart rate was a bit elevated 🙂

Giving My Car Some Attention

I’ve had this day off work, as I wanted to use some of my vacation before 2014. I don’t think it makes sense to carry more than approx two weeks of vacation to the spring, as the spring has many holidays. I had planned to spend most of the day getting insulation for my attic, but since Bauhaus’ van was unavailable, I ended up giving my car some attention instead. I could only fit three packages of insulation in my car, so I will definitely not use it to move the remaining 60 packages…

After a weekend with my workplace’s Christmas party and my mother’s 25th anniversary in the municipal day care, a day off has been nice.

I’ve changed tyres before, but I still think today was my debut as a mechanic:

  • Changed from summer to winter tyres.
  • Filled washer fluid.
  • Changed a “position light” bulb.
  • Changed the motor oil.
  • Changed the oil filter.
  • Changed the air filter.

Parts and fluids for only 555 DKK, excluding freight. I already had the tyres and the washer fluid. I borrowed a proper jack and other accessories from a co-worker. For releasing the old oil filter I used a large pipe wrench from a neighbour.

The car actually worked afterwards 🙂

I have no pictures, party because my phone ran out of juice, and partly because my hands were dirty most of the time. If you are searching for help, hints or walkthroughs, I can recommend Google and YouTube.

Turning 29


I turned 29 yesterday – for the first time!

Honestly, I don’t mind it. Age is just a number. I even expect not to be shaken by my 30th birthday in a year. In my universe, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. are considered more “major” numbers anyway 😉

As mentioned in a previous post, some of my geographically closest relatives visited my on Sunday, November 17, for an informal dinner and afternoon tea/coffee/cake. My purpose with the event was also to show them my house and neighbourhood. With a cloudless sky and bright sunshine the weather was at its best in quite a while. A very nice day indeed.

Yesterday, on my actual birthday, I was at work most of the day. Thanks to my co-worker Karina, my monitor had birthday flags taped to it, which meant I got a lot of greetings. Mid-afternoon I fetched some cakes from a nearby bakery.


In the evening I helped my brother move “officially”, i.e. registering it electronically with the authorities, and I went for a short run. Some might say I have some experience regarding moving 😉 Regarding running, I have planned a schedule for the next two-three months, which will take me slowly from four to ten km.

Hmm, what else is current…? Ohh, yes, I think my car is starting to demand some kind of love. I have driven approx 20,000 km since its last service. One of the major front bulbs died, so I’ve changed the pair. The job almost made me crazy. It doesn’t end there, as I also have to change a pair of smaller bulbs, and I’ve decided to change oil, oil filter and air filter. At the same time I will make the switch to winter tyres. I might have a small hole in my exhaust system, but I’m not going to do anything about that for the time being.

I’m currently planning to add 15 or 20 cm of insulation to my attic, and I’m pondering whether or not to install some air ducts in the process. The purpose is to circulate the warm air from my stove to the rooms in the other end of the house. If I decide to install them, it should be part of the insulation job, as the ducts will be surrounded by the insulation material.

Changing my circulation pump is temporarily on hold, as I’m quite busy with other stuff and because I actually use very little electricity, all in all. I have just had my expected yearly amount lowered to 2,000 kWh, and I honestly don’t expect to reach even 1,500 kWh. The sensible thing is of course still to change the pump. Which reminds me that I need to add water to the central heating, as the pressure is quite low… Air in the pipes probably isn’t the best medium for transporting heat.

Good night!

Making things happen

I’m sitting here on my soft couch, with my legs horizontol, on a Sunday evening, staring into the lively flames in my awesome stove. I’m pretty tired from an eventful weekend, where I spent all of Saturday and the morning of Sunday preparing for a visit from a large part of my family on Sunday afternoon. Some of the evenings of the previous days were also utilized. The occasion was my birthday (in nine days) and my purchase of real estate. It was the geographically closest part of the family, or sort of.

I’ve built an extra table, fixed my lawn mower, splitted logs, washed clothes, done a lot of shopping, borrowed tableware, mowed my lawn, cleaned my windows, vacuumed, dusted, set the tables with tableware etc., put together two large cream/fruit cakes, and probably other stuff that I don’t remember. Just fixing the lawn mower involved sharpening its knife and changing its air filter, spark plug, oil and gasoline. Using a sandpaper roundel on my angle grinder, the knife went from utterly dull to very deadly.

I’m starting to get the hang of using my stove. I light it by removing most ash residue in the burning area, opening all secondary air intakes and then placing two thin logs at the bottom, some kindling on top of them and two or three firelighters between the kindling. The door is kept slightly ajar, while this pile burns down and gets the stove warmed up. I let the pile turn almost into embers before proceeding. Then I add two logs, still relatively thin ones, close the door and open the primary air intake at the bottom (the “choke valve” if you compare the stove to a combustion engine). While these two logs burn down, the primary air intake is open. Since my stove has Aduro-tronic, I have to force this using the Aduro key. Now, after probably 30 to 60 minutes, the stove is ready to burn bigger logs and without forced primary air. I wait until there is almost only embers left before adding new logs. The trick, or challenge, is to wait as long as possible without letting the stove lose some of its heat. When adding new logs I use Aduro-tronic to open the primary air intake for approx six minutes. I might have to extend this period at some point by turning a screw somewhere inside the stove.


A family member gave me an idea today, which I’m considering. When I’m adding insulation to the attic at some point in the early spring, it would be a great idea to install some piping and a blower to move hot air from the living room to the other end of the house. The piping would be in attic and be isolated. The only visible installations would be two or three air ducts. The blower would be controlled by a thermostat. It turns out my brother has some experience installing this kind of things.

Over and out. Party hard. Don’t use “fate” as an excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. \m/

Connecting my stove, part 3 of 4


After a few naive attempts with messy newsprint and a too large piece of wood, I have managed to start the first real fire in my stove. The suction from the chimney seems to work, and the oil burner’s blower doesn’t seem to disturb the fire. If anything, the blower generates more suction for the fire as well. I ignite the fire using only firelighters and kindling. In this particular case I’ve ignited top-down, which worked well.

Here’s ten seconds of video 🙂

Realistically, the final part of the saga – the house warming – will not happen in 2013.

Oh, and what else is new? Let me tell you… I attended the awesome Aalborg Metal Festival on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday and Monday (yesterday) I visited my parents for Mortensaften, where we had delicious duck, caramelised potatoes, prunes, Risalamande, etc.

Excuse me – I have to add a new piece of wood to the fire 🙂

Netic’s 11th birthday


Today, most of my colleagues, their “better halves” and I celebrated the 11th birthday of our workplace, Netic A/S. The event took place at Køreteknisk Anlæg Aalborg ApS in Støvring, next to E45. All times being approximate, we ate breakfast from 7:30 to 8:00, were taught a bit about the forces involved in driving from 8:00 to 8:30, drove in our own cars with professional instruction on dry and wet track from 8:30 to 12:30, had a nicely roasted pig and a giant ice cake for dinner, and were given very fast laps in an Audi S5 by the race car driver Marco Sørensen. A truly awesome day! The ice cake, which is shown above, was from Ryå Is (Aabybro Mejeri) and it was as delicious as it looks (which is very, if you’re in doubt 🙂 ).

Rapelling and Navigating in the Dark


In the afternoon of Friday, September 6, I visited Beredskabscenter Aalborgs Uddannelsescenter together with many of my Netic colleagues. We rappelled down from the roof of a three – maybe four – storey building, and we navigated in teams through a dark maze. It was a really nice event. Thanks to Normann P. Nielsen for making it happen and to Peter Sone Koldkjær from rapelling.dk for being the instructor. In the picture above I’m rapelling, and in the picture below I’m crawling in the dark (temporarily lit up by a powerful flash). Thanks to my boss Karsten Thygesen for taking the pictures! The album from the event is available on flickr.