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Aalborg Carnival

What are you doing? I’m relaxing on my couch after having been to Biltema, thansen.dk and Bilka. I needed a new wiper blade and some hubcaps for my car. I ended up also buying garden tools, camping equipment and a mosquito net. Now I’m ready for OHM 😉

Yesterday, I attended Aalborg Carnival together with some friends. We started the day with breakfast at my place, then joined the parade on Nyhavnsgade. The parade ended at Kildeparken, where we enjoyed the fine weather with (more) beer. I was dressed as a prisoner, i.e. I wore a prison uniform with black and white stripes. Around midnight I met my brother downtown. He had colored himself with sauce color for the carnival, so he didn’t feel like partying all night long. It had already been a long day, so we took a city bus to Aalborg Øst.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had been looking at a house. 98 m², 1877 m² of land, built in 1967, located midway between Aalborg and Hadsund. I have decided not to make an offer, as it has too many problems. I do not mind repairing stuff, but some of the house’s problems are a bit too “exciting”. My search continues.

Looking at real estate, hunting, changing tyres

For a few months I have been browsing real estate on my laptop. I’m not in a hurry to buy anything, as I’m not particularly tired of my current rental home. It’s close to work, requires very little maintenance on my part, and the rent is relatively low. I think, however, that it would be nice to have my own place, to have more space, to have a covered place for my car nearby, to be closer to nature, to not have the city busses driving outside my bedroom window, to not have five washing machines spinning next door all day long, to have a larger garden, to have a greenhouse, to have a dedicated room for working out, etc.

I am looking in an area in Jutland contained between the cities Dall, Frejlev, Nibe, Aars, Nørager, Arden, Terndrup, Bælum, Kongerslev, Storvorde, Klarup, Gistrup, Dall:

At the moment I’m considering making an offer on a house in the small village Lyngby, marked with a blue dot on the map above. Without going too much into details, I like the location, but due to the condition of the house it would be more like buying a craftsman project than buying a house. The offer price is relatively low, but the refurbishment will be costly and time consuming. A few pictures:



Today I’m visiting the house for a second time, this time bringing my parents.

In a totally different category, I’ve been out hunting two times this weekend. It was together with my dad, and it was on a – for us – new piece of hunting ground, in our new, homemade hochsitzes. I observed fallow deer Saturday morning and roe deer Sunday evening. I haven’t fired a single shot, but my dad shot a roe deer buck, which I gutted. Look at the fine weather on a Saturday morning:

On my way out hunting Sunday evening, I was stopped by the police for the first time in my life. It was by two motorcycle cops on a small road in the country side. They wanted to see my driving license, ask me if I had had any alcohol that day, and in general where I was going and why. “Are you in the military?”, the cop asked, to which I replied “no” rather puzzled. “Aahh, you are going hunting?” he then asked. My hunting clothes are from a military surplus stock… 😉

Finally, I have changed the tyres on my car. Now my car is equipped with brand new Michelin Energy E3B summer tyres. It involved a bit more work than I had imagined, as the rear rims had to be loosened with a hammer due to rust. In addition, it took quite a while to polish off the rust, clean the surfaces with gasoline, apply grease to different parts and to do a bit of maintence on the old, winter tyres. Note to myself: A hammer, coarse sandpaper, a wooden block, a vacuum cleaner, a can of gasoline, a tub of grease and wipes are very useful things when changing tyres! I ordered the combined rims and tyres online (dækonline.dk) and had them delivered to my workplace. Here’s a few pictures:



while true; do live; done

Yes, I’m still alive, and yes, so is this blog 🙂

In Denmark we’ve just had long weekend – some people might even think of it as a small vacation. Thursday, May 9, was a holiday, and most people, including me, had the day off on Friday. I visited my parents in Thy, where I ate a bunch of great food (e.g. pork roast in different ways, asparagus soup and roe deer goulash), helped my parents change the wall-to-wall carpet in their living room, went for a few walks with my parents’ dogs, ran in the forest (near Tovsig Sø), built, painted and placed hochsitzes for the upcoming bow hunting summer season, celebrated mother’s day (we bought her flowers and I went to the grocery store early for rolls), and visited my grandmother and grandfather in Øsløs. Oh, and I was on call for work the entire week and was woken up by alarms three or four nights… Argh… Well… I’ll survive.

On the following picture my dad and a fellow hunter are painting one of our hochsitzes. I helped paint another one (while also painting several parts of myself…).

The design is actually quite neat. Simple, stable and relatively lightweight. We did a Google Image Search to get inspiration. The green paint really makes them awesome. I look forward to the bow hunting season which starts tomorrow (Thursday, May 16).

I’m not going hunting tomorrow, though. I haven’t taken the day off from work, so I think I’ll be missed if I don’t show up 🙂 Actually, I do have a special arrangement for tomorrow… I’m going to the countryside to look at some real estate. More about that later – it’s time for metal music and heavy weights…

Smoke detectors and kitchen lighting

I have been looking at real estate for a few weeks, just for fun, but for the time being I have decided that it is much more sensible to move properly into my current home. To be honest, I have been living at Damstræde 108 for approx 13 months without proper lighting in my kitchen. That ended today when I put up two smoke detectors and two lamps. One of my favorite tools is my rotary hammer – it drills through hard concrete like it was butter. You actually have to be careful not to cause too much damage.


Update, 2013-03-16 19:45:00 GMT+1:

I celebrated the new lighting in my kitchen by pot roasting two ducks. As far as I remember, I have shot at least one of them myself. Packed in one bag, they were one of the oldest items in my freezer, so their time had come. They are probably teals – my mother have labelled them wild ducks and they are far too small to be mallards. They were quite delicious 🙂



For some reason, King Winter has returned, even though today is March 16. The snow is beautiful and brings a cozy atmosphere, but I very much look forward to summer weather.

Trip to the UK, being sick, working, etc.

Here is a long-awaited sign of life 🙂

Since my previous post on February 18, I have visited the UK, been down with the flu, been on call at work, eaten delicious turbot at my parents’ house, switched fitness center and attended a men’s lunch with one of my workplace’s customers.

The trip to London was on February 21-24 (a Thursday evening to a Sunday evening) and it was together with my two friends Kenneth Holleufer and Steffen Troldtoft. In huge quantities it involved traditional, English breakfast, hot Indian curry dishes, stand-up comedy, beer, cider, partying, sightseeing, etc. Pictures are available here.

On Thuesday, February 26, I worked from home, as I was down with the flu. I suspect I got infected on my way home from the UK. In my time on the “labor market”, it was my first time calling in sick. I managed to work approx five hours from my couch during the day, so it ended up not being an entire day of downtime. Also, I caught up the hours in the following days. I had a major headache, my intestinal region had a mind of its own, and all my joints and muscles were sore. It lasted until Thursday/Friday. Despite the sickness, I managed to be on call for my workplace, as it was my responsibility that week.

The week ended with a one-day visit to my parents’ house, where we had a delicious dinner with turbot (the picture to the right). I remember it was a beautiful, sunny day, where I went for a walk with my parents’ dogs, washed my car and cut my brother’s hair. My brother wanted to try a buzz cut and I just followed orders with my hair trimmer.

I have switched from Fitness World to a small, local fitness center in Aalborg Øst called Fitness Ø. The switch roughly halves the distance and the price. Fitness Ø’s opening hours are somewhat better than Fitness World’s on Saturdays and Sundays, even though Fitness Ø has some silly, women-only hours on Sundays from 6 AM to 2 PM. Now I just need to get back to stable rhythm, where I go there three to four times a week. The chain kept falling off the gears on my old bike, and in general it was annoying to ride. Two days ago, i.e. on March 7, I took the bus to Harald Nyborg (also known as “Harald Skrald”…) and bought a new, cheap bike. If it works for a year or so, I’m satisfied. It will transport me between home, work, grocery shopping and Fitness Ø.

20130308-steak-tartare-at-mens-lunch-with-customerYesterday, i.e. on Friday, March 8, I enjoyed a men’s dinner with one of my workplace’s customers at restaurant Kohalen in Århus. It involved beer, schnapps, Arnbitter, marinated herring, fried herring, shrimp, eel, egg stand, tenderloin steaks, warm liver pate with bacon and mushrooms, steak tartare, crackers with cheese, and pancakes with ice cream. Very delicious food and very good company. It was the first time I have ever eaten steak tartare. The picture to the right is of a colleague’s plate. My version had a bunch of grated horseradish, and the egg yolk was distributed over the steak. It was fun to try the dish, but I found it a bit boring. It mostly tasted of horseradish and onions. Of course that’s not a bad taste in itself, but I think the steak would have been tastier, if it had been fried and prepared with freshly-ground pepper. We had a beer afterwards at Kurts Mor before driving home to Aalborg in the Netic Touran (I was the designated driver). Compared to my Aygo, it was fun to drive an automatic and in general to drive a car with a bit more power. It is probably best for the integrity of my driver’s license that I do not trade the Aygo for something more powerful yet.

February so far

Luckily, the paycheck in the end of January included a quarterly bonus, as February is and will continue to be an expensive month. It is certainly also a stressful and unhealthy month. Too much partying and drinking and too many things going on at work.

Usually months go by without me and Aalborg’s well-known Jomfru Ane Gade meeting, but during the previous two weekends we have met three times. Each time most of the night has been spent binge drinking at Heidi’s Beer Bar. The first weekend I lost my work phone at Heidi’s on Friday night, but fortunately I got it back the next night. The second weekend, on the third tour in the city, a friend and me decided to run home (6 km), because we got tired of waiting on a taxi. That was after an evening and night of drinking, after a double whopper burger, in fancy shoes, in a winter jacket and through snowy streets and alleys. It was great 🙂

With regard to work, it’s not that I have had extraordinarily many hours, it’s just that I have been working on many things simultaneously. Also, my physical training is at an all-time low, and it is clear that this affects my mood. I must get into a regular schedule, even though my feet say no to long runs and my crappy, half-broken bike makes it difficult to get to the fitness center.

On Tuesday I participated in coffee tasting with my work colleagues at the cozy cafe Behag din smag. I’m sort of a coffee nerd, so I knew a lot of what we were told, but I got to tasty some very nice cups of coffee. I can definitely recommend the place. They know what great coffee is.

This weekend I’m just relaxing at home. My parents (and perhaps my brother?) will come by for lunch tomorrow (Saturday).

A new year begins

Weight training in Østerild Multicenter on December 27, 2012 - the shirt reads "pedal force, yes please" :-)Many exciting things happened in my life in 2012, and I had a plan to go through most of them in post. A huge task in itself. Moreover, I wanted to write about what I’ve done during the Christmas holidays and how I celebrated New Year’s Eve. I have realized, however, that I will never get that utopian post written properly, and that if I did, it would become too long for anybody to read. So many good intentions, so little time. I actually write less on the blog when I experience a lot, because no time is left for reporting… After all, it must be better to live in the moment than to always think about how to present it afterwards.

Here is a few headlines from 2012:

    • I began the year by saying goodbye to my old workplace Telenor and welcome to Netic. Also, I moved from the western part of Aalborg to the eastern part. I had 1.5 km from home to work, when I worked at Telenor. Now I have 1 km. After a year I’m still very happy with both my new workplace and my new apartment.
    • I trained for Copenhagen Marathon, but I couldn’t run it due to an injury. I travelled to Copenhagen and was a spectator, which was also a touching experience. The injury was the cause for my shift to minimalistic running in FiveFingers and Vivobarefoot Evo II. I cannot yet determine whether it has helped or not.
    • I attended an awesome Rammstein concert in Herning on February 22.
    • I ran a very brutal half marathon, Thy Trail (Half) Marathon, on February 26.
    • I attended Top Gear Live in Copenhagen with my work colleagues on March 31.
    • I participated in the Silverstone Challenge with a number of my work colleagues on April 24. Everybody should try that! This was my second trip to the UK ever – my first trip was in May 2011.
    • I became ITIL v3 Foundation certified on June 11-13.
    • I attended Nibe Festival with my work colleagues on July 7.
    • I attended TheCamp.dk in week 30 (give or take, i.e. July 21-28), where I, together with my friend and work colleague Georg Sluyterman, held a long and technical talk about DNSSEC.
    • I attended the wedding of my two good friends, Mads Chr. Olesen and Jane Billestrup, on August 4.
    • I participated in the relay running event at Elektronik Cup with my work colleagues on August 17.
    • I attended the wedding of my two good friends, Troels and Lone Frøkjær Christensen, on September 1.
    • I attended the 10-year anniversary party for my workplace on September 29-30.
    • I bought my first car, a Toyota Aygo from 2008, on October 1. This was approx ten years after I got my driving license. I managed to drive approx 4,000 km during October, November and December.
    • I participated in Xtreme Mandehørm Aalborg with Hans Jacob Møller and Morten Klingenberg on October 6.
    • I participated in BakkeChallenge in Silkeborg (beautiful but exhausting 10 km of forest) with Hans Klemmensen on November 3.
    • Together with my brother, Christian Toft, I was photographed, such that we were able to give our parents (and grandparents) a photography of us. This happened on a very cold and windy Friday morning on November 23 at Click Foto in Aalborg.
    • I became 28 on November 26. I’m becoming somewhat old, hmm…
    • My parents’ silver wedding anniversary was on November 27.
    • I had my car treated with a Dinitrol anti-rust treatment on November 28.
    • I attended the Christmas party for my workplace on December 1-2.
    • My parents held a very fine party for family and close friends on December 8, where their silver wedding anniversary and my mother’s 50-year birthday were celebrated.
    • My mother became 50 on December 15.
    • I held a small, semi-spontaneous party on New Year’s Eve for my three friends Steffen Troldtoft, Kenneth Holleufer and Chris Nielsen. I had made shrimp cocktails and braised roast beef. The roast was served with baked potatoes, onions and carrots from the braising of the roast, garlic bread, homemade brown sauce, salad and a delicious bottle of 2012 game-wine from Holte Vinlager. The dessert was icecream with caramel sauce and waffles.

Apparently, “a few” is now redefined to be 24 🙂

I hate to use the term “New Year’s resolution”, so I will not, but I’ve decided to start getting up early and do most of my training in the morning. My circadian rhythm will no longer move daily, at least when I haven’t been to a party and haven’t had my sleep disturbed by work.

My left ankle is sore at the moment, so regarding fitness I’m focusing on eating healthy and doing weight training rather than running. Besides that, I’m playing with a Raspberry Pi, which will be my new media center.

Update, 2012-01-05 07:07:42: Like 2011, 2012 didn’t bring a girl into the picture. It didn’t even bring real desire to go look for one. No, I’m not gay. No, I don’t think it’s wrong to be gay. A few of my best friends are.

Silver wedding anniversary and 50th birthday

the-local-paper-on-november-22-2012   the-local-paper-on-december-12-2012

Having parents who can celebrate their silver wedding anniversary and a mother who turns 50 in a few days has kept me quite busy recently 🙂 But busy in a good way 🙂 In the previous weekend my parents hosted a party for family and close friends, where their anniversary and my mother’s birthday were celebrated. It was a great party. I talked to relatives who I hadn’t talked to in a long time, I danced several times, the food was fantastic, the draft Porse Guld beer was fantastic, I held a small speech, the entertainment was awesome, the live band (S.O.S.) was awesome, the triumphal arch was beautiful, etc. Moreover, we managed to get home from the party in the middle of the night in a blizzard. Not the worst blizzard ever, but the worst so far this winter in Denmark.

The two pictures above are from the local newspaper in my parents’ region of Denmark. In the one to the left the newspaper wrongfully wrote November 28 rather than November 27, which I have corrected. Their wedding day is November 27 – the day after my birthday. I was three years and one day when they got married in 1987.

I haven’t gone through the pictures from the party yet, but when I do, I promise to publish some of them here 🙂

Update: And before I knew it, I ended up sorting pictures from the party and ordering prints of them… I will not display all 55 pictures here, so you will have to settle with the eight pictures below 🙂

party_20121208_1   party_20121208_2

party_20121208_3   party_20121208_4

party_20121208_5   party_20121208_6

party_20121208_7   party_20121208_8

My parents’ silver wedding anniversary

I’m sitting here on my lovely couch on the first Sunday of Advent, looking out my living room windows on a frozen Aalborg Øst, listening to Above the Weeping World, thinking about the past week. I turned 28 on Monday, my parents’ silver wedding anniversary was on Tuesday, I was off from work on Monday and Tuesday, I worked Wednesday to Friday, I bought an expensive (but, hopefully, high-quality) anti-rust treatment for my car from Dinitrol Center Aalborg from Wednesday to Thursday, and from the early afternoon Saturday (yesterday) until this morning I participated in the Christmas party for my workplace. I dedicate this post to my parents’ silver wedding anniversary. The above picture shows the flower bouquet to them from my brother Christian and I.


Approx 60 people were gathered at Koralvej 3 on Tuesday morning at 7:30, where my parents were “woken up” by morning song – the well-known wedding anniversary ritual. The neighbours had made a very fine triumphal arch the night before, which was placed in front of my parents’ front door, and they had decorated the driveway with four flagpoles with Dannebrog. Two musicians did a very good job on saxophone and trumpet. Later, when everybody had been seated and had had some breakfast, my parents danced the traditional, Danish wedding dance, while the musicians played and everybody clapped. It was a very fine day, and once again I want to congratulate my parents. Thank you for bringing Christian and I into this world, thank you for raising us, and thank you for the unlimited support you have always given and still give.

The two pictures below are from Wednesday and Thursday. Of course I gave birthday cake at work, even though I had the day off on my birthday. The Dinitrol people put a sticker in my car indicating that it has been given an anti-rust treatment this year. It will probably never make sense economically, but now I don’t have to worry too much about rust.


The Christmas party was awesome. I’m still a bit worn out, so I’ll not write a lot about it 🙂

In the afternoon we visited Action House in Løkken, where the men raced in rather fast go-karts and the women shot each other in laser game. I can report that the go-karts were great fun, and I hear that laser game was as well. I would have linked to their homepage, but it has apparently been overtaken by some Russians… Afterwards some of us went swimming for an hour or so in the indoor pool at Grønhøj Strand Feriecenter, where the party was held. The evening featured good company, good food (and lots of it), many schnappses and a number of funny scenes with drunk Netic employees. By pure chance I managed to control myself, which means that I’m not wildly hungover today. It helps a bit to stop the heavy drinking around midnight.

Now we are in December and too many things need to be sorted out before Christmas 🙂