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Merry Christmas!

I’m writing these words with metal music playing in the background, my stove burning perfectly a few meters way, a handful of almonds on my coffee table and a glas of red wine within reach. Today I’ve discovered a few new bands that I will be listening to in the near future – Trivium and Aghora. I’ve also managed to get some actual stuff done today, including picking up 200 m² of vapor barrier, buying and wrapping the last Christmas present, buying groceries, washing clothes, splitting logs for the stove and changing some outdoor light bulbs.

Relatively many days have gone by since my previous post. During those days, I’ve eaten delicious, homemade pizza and tasted fine whiskies and rums at a colleague’s home, attended a friend’s 30th birthday party, attended my mother’s birthday get-together and attended a friend’s PhD defense party. At the latter party I met my former PhD supervisors, as they were also my friend’s supervisors. I only worked on my PhD for approx one year, which means that I didn’t complete it. I needed to try the “real world”, and I’ve honestly never regretted my decision. It’s three and a half years ago now. Being at the party and talking to the supervisors of course made me think about life and how you can take many paths. It was really nice to see that one of my friends – one of the co-authors on my master thesis – completed his PhD.

DIY-wise, I’ve realized that adding insulation to my attic requires me to install a vapor barrier and wind boards, which makes the project more expensive, more complicated and more time-consuming. I’m of course going to complete the project anyway. Fortunately, the work can be split into many parts.

20131208-my-attic-in-the-dark   20131221-vapor-barrier-for-the-attic

I’m looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas 🙂

Addition: Actually, another small thing happened today. While I was driving home from Hadsund with vapor barrier and groceries, a roe deer suddenly crossed the road 50 meters in front of my car. I braked hard, felt the heavy vapor barrier take off from the back seat and thought “one or more deers typically follow so do not accelerate too early”, and yes, another one followed two seconds after the first one. My heart rate was a bit elevated 🙂

Connecting my stove, part 3 of 4


After a few naive attempts with messy newsprint and a too large piece of wood, I have managed to start the first real fire in my stove. The suction from the chimney seems to work, and the oil burner’s blower doesn’t seem to disturb the fire. If anything, the blower generates more suction for the fire as well. I ignite the fire using only firelighters and kindling. In this particular case I’ve ignited top-down, which worked well.

Here’s ten seconds of video 🙂

Realistically, the final part of the saga – the house warming – will not happen in 2013.

Oh, and what else is new? Let me tell you… I attended the awesome Aalborg Metal Festival on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday and Monday (yesterday) I visited my parents for Mortensaften, where we had delicious duck, caramelised potatoes, prunes, Risalamande, etc.

Excuse me – I have to add a new piece of wood to the fire 🙂

Back from Amsterdam and OHM

I’m back from a great week in the Netherlands, where I, in the company of good friends, visited Amsterdam and attended OHM. Before completing the lists of talks that I started in my previous post, I will share a few pictures.

Thomas and yours truly enjoying a beer at Café Captein & Co on Sunday, July 28:


It was one of the first beers that day, and it was the beginning of a small pub crawl…

Edward, yours truly and others (hmm, I don’t exactly remember who) getting ready for dinner with a 9.5% Westmalle at OHM on Friday, August 2:


Some of us visited the OHM lounge in the evening:


Thomas on the floor, Jacob and Kim on the couch. A very cozy place.

While waiting for dinner to be served at the camp site restaurant just outside OHM, we had some random, geeky fun:


The picture shows Jacob, yours truly, Thomas and Georg. Edward is behind the camera. It was on Saturday, August 3. Note the funny name of the beer – Texels Skuumkoppe. It is a local beer, as it is brewed on the island Texel.

Awesome and semi-awesome talks I attended at OHM:

Missed talks that I will watch later:

The video recordings from the tents are not processed yet, but the OHM guys have promised that they will be, in a not so distant future…

It feels good to be home again. I think I’ve socialized plenty for the time being and now I need some privacy. Also, I’ve missed my favorite music genre – metal. We have mostly been listening to pop and light rock in the car.

Let me end by mentioning that I find Amsterdam a lot more cozy and inviting than London. I compare Amsterdam to London, as I visited the latter in February. Do not forget to rent a boat and sail through the canals when you visit Amsterdam! It’s certainly worth it.

Traffic Accident

Press release from Department for Abuse of Parentheses:

From Saturday till Sunday I visited an old friend (Jacob) in Esbjerg together with two other, old friends (Hans and Lasse). It was a really nice visit with great weather, a refreshing run (I seriously need to train more), a delicious dinner, many interesting conversations (we hadn’t seen each other for quite a while), delicious drinks, cold beers, a nightly visit to a pub in downtown Esbjerg, much needed breakfast (a heartfelt thanks goes out to Lea, Jacob’s girlfriend), etc.

On our way home on Sunday afternoon we were hit from behind by another driver. It damaged Hans’ Toyota Auris quite badly:



I don’t want to get into any details, as the insurance is still being worked out, but I’m very happy to report that no humans were injured.

It was the first traffic accident I have been involved in, and it has made me think just how fast things can turn ugly. We were extremely lucky that we didn’t hit an oncoming vehicle (there wasn’t any) and didn’t drive through a crash barrier (this saved us from continueing down a steep ledge). Imagine having to make that call where you tell your friend’s family that he or she isn’t coming home. Ever.

Please, drive safely.


Here is a glimpse of the end of May and the beginning of June.

My parents’ two dogs, Asterix and Birko:


A few pictures from Aalborg Carnival 2013 on May 25:



Georg bought – and almost ate – a Whopper burger with nine beef patties 🙂
According to this article, that’s 9 x 113.4 = 1,020.6 grams of beef patty!

On June 5, I ran 10 km (actually 9,85 km) in 49 minutes and 22 seconds at the event Grundlovsløbet in the city Hjørring:

Hopefully that will mark the time in 2013 where I got back into a somewhat stable running rhythm.

Aalborg Carnival

What are you doing? I’m relaxing on my couch after having been to Biltema, thansen.dk and Bilka. I needed a new wiper blade and some hubcaps for my car. I ended up also buying garden tools, camping equipment and a mosquito net. Now I’m ready for OHM 😉

Yesterday, I attended Aalborg Carnival together with some friends. We started the day with breakfast at my place, then joined the parade on Nyhavnsgade. The parade ended at Kildeparken, where we enjoyed the fine weather with (more) beer. I was dressed as a prisoner, i.e. I wore a prison uniform with black and white stripes. Around midnight I met my brother downtown. He had colored himself with sauce color for the carnival, so he didn’t feel like partying all night long. It had already been a long day, so we took a city bus to Aalborg Øst.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had been looking at a house. 98 m², 1877 m² of land, built in 1967, located midway between Aalborg and Hadsund. I have decided not to make an offer, as it has too many problems. I do not mind repairing stuff, but some of the house’s problems are a bit too “exciting”. My search continues.

An awesome weekend

This weekend has been rather awesome, even though I’m a bit wasted today. Friday after work I visited FooBar at Department of Computer Science, ate horse at a friend’s place and attended Heavy Hulen 666 at 1000Fryd. Saturday I attended the Spring Party at C. W. Obel Kollegiet, where I was on the Old Boys Team in the volleyball tournament. The weekend has been filled with tasty beer – from Søgaards Bryghus at FooBar, Limfjords-porter at 1000Fryd and from Bøgeskov Bryg at the Spring Party. All of it refreshing, draft beer. The weather has been quite fantastic and still is. The wind did, however, knock over a few plastic cups with beer yesterday. It probably also made us consume some sand from the volleyball playing field.


Note the “sugar free – no carbs” on the bottle of Absinthe 🙂 Totally healthy…

Feaster in F-klubben

Friday, April 5, I attended the Feaster event in F-klubben. It was a traditional Easter dinner with marinated herring, warm liver pate, meatballs, assorted salads, cheese, schnapps, beer, etc. Sometimes cause for confusion, in F-klubben, the name of all events must start with F, if in any way possible. Hence, Easter becomes Feaster 😉 F-klubben is a social club at the scientific faculty of Aalborg University, and it covers students and employees at the departments for computer science, math and physics. When I studied at, and later was employed by, Aalborg University, I regularly both (co-)arranged and attended events in the club. I was particularly active in F-kult, which is F-klubben’s cult film club.

As witnessed by F-klubbens sales system (“stregsystemet”), it was my first real visit in almost three years! At least I bought something very sensible on my previous visit… Limfjords-porter, of course. The brew for the elite 🙂

It was nice to say hi to a number of familiar faces, see the computer science building, and hear what is going on in the department. The evening and night also included a visit to the bar at the dormitory I lived at while being a PhD student (Nordjyske Kollegium) and a visit to the home of my old friend, classmate and colleague, Thomas Bøgholm, where we tasted some good whiskys.

Trip to the UK, being sick, working, etc.

Here is a long-awaited sign of life 🙂

Since my previous post on February 18, I have visited the UK, been down with the flu, been on call at work, eaten delicious turbot at my parents’ house, switched fitness center and attended a men’s lunch with one of my workplace’s customers.

The trip to London was on February 21-24 (a Thursday evening to a Sunday evening) and it was together with my two friends Kenneth Holleufer and Steffen Troldtoft. In huge quantities it involved traditional, English breakfast, hot Indian curry dishes, stand-up comedy, beer, cider, partying, sightseeing, etc. Pictures are available here.

On Thuesday, February 26, I worked from home, as I was down with the flu. I suspect I got infected on my way home from the UK. In my time on the “labor market”, it was my first time calling in sick. I managed to work approx five hours from my couch during the day, so it ended up not being an entire day of downtime. Also, I caught up the hours in the following days. I had a major headache, my intestinal region had a mind of its own, and all my joints and muscles were sore. It lasted until Thursday/Friday. Despite the sickness, I managed to be on call for my workplace, as it was my responsibility that week.

The week ended with a one-day visit to my parents’ house, where we had a delicious dinner with turbot (the picture to the right). I remember it was a beautiful, sunny day, where I went for a walk with my parents’ dogs, washed my car and cut my brother’s hair. My brother wanted to try a buzz cut and I just followed orders with my hair trimmer.

I have switched from Fitness World to a small, local fitness center in Aalborg Øst called Fitness Ø. The switch roughly halves the distance and the price. Fitness Ø’s opening hours are somewhat better than Fitness World’s on Saturdays and Sundays, even though Fitness Ø has some silly, women-only hours on Sundays from 6 AM to 2 PM. Now I just need to get back to stable rhythm, where I go there three to four times a week. The chain kept falling off the gears on my old bike, and in general it was annoying to ride. Two days ago, i.e. on March 7, I took the bus to Harald Nyborg (also known as “Harald Skrald”…) and bought a new, cheap bike. If it works for a year or so, I’m satisfied. It will transport me between home, work, grocery shopping and Fitness Ø.

20130308-steak-tartare-at-mens-lunch-with-customerYesterday, i.e. on Friday, March 8, I enjoyed a men’s dinner with one of my workplace’s customers at restaurant Kohalen in Århus. It involved beer, schnapps, Arnbitter, marinated herring, fried herring, shrimp, eel, egg stand, tenderloin steaks, warm liver pate with bacon and mushrooms, steak tartare, crackers with cheese, and pancakes with ice cream. Very delicious food and very good company. It was the first time I have ever eaten steak tartare. The picture to the right is of a colleague’s plate. My version had a bunch of grated horseradish, and the egg yolk was distributed over the steak. It was fun to try the dish, but I found it a bit boring. It mostly tasted of horseradish and onions. Of course that’s not a bad taste in itself, but I think the steak would have been tastier, if it had been fried and prepared with freshly-ground pepper. We had a beer afterwards at Kurts Mor before driving home to Aalborg in the Netic Touran (I was the designated driver). Compared to my Aygo, it was fun to drive an automatic and in general to drive a car with a bit more power. It is probably best for the integrity of my driver’s license that I do not trade the Aygo for something more powerful yet.

February so far

Luckily, the paycheck in the end of January included a quarterly bonus, as February is and will continue to be an expensive month. It is certainly also a stressful and unhealthy month. Too much partying and drinking and too many things going on at work.

Usually months go by without me and Aalborg’s well-known Jomfru Ane Gade meeting, but during the previous two weekends we have met three times. Each time most of the night has been spent binge drinking at Heidi’s Beer Bar. The first weekend I lost my work phone at Heidi’s on Friday night, but fortunately I got it back the next night. The second weekend, on the third tour in the city, a friend and me decided to run home (6 km), because we got tired of waiting on a taxi. That was after an evening and night of drinking, after a double whopper burger, in fancy shoes, in a winter jacket and through snowy streets and alleys. It was great 🙂

With regard to work, it’s not that I have had extraordinarily many hours, it’s just that I have been working on many things simultaneously. Also, my physical training is at an all-time low, and it is clear that this affects my mood. I must get into a regular schedule, even though my feet say no to long runs and my crappy, half-broken bike makes it difficult to get to the fitness center.

On Tuesday I participated in coffee tasting with my work colleagues at the cozy cafe Behag din smag. I’m sort of a coffee nerd, so I knew a lot of what we were told, but I got to tasty some very nice cups of coffee. I can definitely recommend the place. They know what great coffee is.

This weekend I’m just relaxing at home. My parents (and perhaps my brother?) will come by for lunch tomorrow (Saturday).