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Back from Amsterdam and OHM

I’m back from a great week in the Netherlands, where I, in the company of good friends, visited Amsterdam and attended OHM. Before completing the lists of talks that I started in my previous post, I will share a few pictures.

Thomas and yours truly enjoying a beer at Café Captein & Co on Sunday, July 28:


It was one of the first beers that day, and it was the beginning of a small pub crawl…

Edward, yours truly and others (hmm, I don’t exactly remember who) getting ready for dinner with a 9.5% Westmalle at OHM on Friday, August 2:


Some of us visited the OHM lounge in the evening:


Thomas on the floor, Jacob and Kim on the couch. A very cozy place.

While waiting for dinner to be served at the camp site restaurant just outside OHM, we had some random, geeky fun:


The picture shows Jacob, yours truly, Thomas and Georg. Edward is behind the camera. It was on Saturday, August 3. Note the funny name of the beer – Texels Skuumkoppe. It is a local beer, as it is brewed on the island Texel.

Awesome and semi-awesome talks I attended at OHM:

Missed talks that I will watch later:

The video recordings from the tents are not processed yet, but the OHM guys have promised that they will be, in a not so distant future…

It feels good to be home again. I think I’ve socialized plenty for the time being and now I need some privacy. Also, I’ve missed my favorite music genre – metal. We have mostly been listening to pop and light rock in the car.

Let me end by mentioning that I find Amsterdam a lot more cozy and inviting than London. I compare Amsterdam to London, as I visited the latter in February. Do not forget to rent a boat and sail through the canals when you visit Amsterdam! It’s certainly worth it.

OHM – Observe, Hack, Make

Yours truly having a cold beer in a very hot tent:


My small, blue, crappy, non-waterproof tent in front of Georg’s gigantic one:


Awesome talks I’ve attended:

Missed talks that I should watch later:

Update: The two lists are complete in my next post.

An awesome weekend

This weekend has been rather awesome, even though I’m a bit wasted today. Friday after work I visited FooBar at Department of Computer Science, ate horse at a friend’s place and attended Heavy Hulen 666 at 1000Fryd. Saturday I attended the Spring Party at C. W. Obel Kollegiet, where I was on the Old Boys Team in the volleyball tournament. The weekend has been filled with tasty beer – from Søgaards Bryghus at FooBar, Limfjords-porter at 1000Fryd and from Bøgeskov Bryg at the Spring Party. All of it refreshing, draft beer. The weather has been quite fantastic and still is. The wind did, however, knock over a few plastic cups with beer yesterday. It probably also made us consume some sand from the volleyball playing field.


Note the “sugar free – no carbs” on the bottle of Absinthe 🙂 Totally healthy…